We are going beyond

creating a framework.

We are starting

Philip Bowman is a full-time teacher at International School Bangkok and is partnering with teachers and schools around the world to reimagine special education.

Who We Are

When skill and ambition meet meaningful curiosity, transformative pathways to success are created. We are helping learners build their capacity to direct their own learning and providing opportunities to share and expolore their exciting discoveries.

Our Mission

Empowering special education teachers and students through outstanding personalized learning experiences.

Empowering Learners

Our Vision

A new special education paradigm that cultivates self-directed learners that flourish inside and outside the classroom.

Transforming Special Education

Our Team

Full-time expert classroom teachers continuously update the MARIO Framework.

We are currently bringing together remarkable leaders from different disciplines to help guide our work. 

Innovative Change Makers

What We Prioritize


We believe students should do more talking and teachers should do more listening.


We prioritize identification and implementation of the best practices in learning and teaching.


We meaningfully measure our impact and help other educators do so too.

Creating Partnerships

We focus on building the best relationships possible, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Giving Ownership

We understand that change is more meaningful when it comes from within.

Setting High Expectations

We know that setting high expectations is a critical first step to achieving remarkable results.

Being Flexible

We serve diverse needs and recognize the importance of flexible structures and approaches.


We are always improving our framework and finding new ways to increase our impact.

Empowering learners one individual at a time.

The one to one sessions allow for an opening of another perspective into what you are currently going through in life and it really helps.

MARIO Learner

My students have made even more progress and showed greater engagement with their learning. Students have commented that they wish all their teachers could give them a similar structure. Also, the framework provides the often-required data to show student progress, particularly to management and external agencies.

Frankie Garbutt

Special Educator and Coordinator, St. George’s The British International School Munich

I am so thankful! I wouldn’t be the self-reflective person I am today if it wasn’t for my MARIO class.

MARIO Learner

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