Piloting the MARIO Framework

September 21 – November 29th

Take Personalization Further

In addition to the MARIO Framework’s signature options for personalization and community building, participants can choose between two distinct learning tracks. Educators that are eager to measure their impact and experiment with the framework can create their own research-action project. Educators that aren’t quite ready to pilot the framework, or are particularly interested in exploring the theory behind the framework, have the option to conduct a literature review.

Alongside this targeted learning, all participants will be diving deeper into the one-to-one conversations that are at the heart of the MARIO Framework. Participants will have the choice to learn practically through the analysis of one-to-one sessions they lead or through a greater understanding of the research that can enrich their one-to-one learning sessions and conferences with students. As always, participants can schedule one-to-one sessions with the instructor to address what matters most to them.


Transformative Personalized Learning

Canvas Instructure

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Six continuing education units available

Graduate Credits

Up to three optional graduate course credits available


Powerful discussions elevated through technology


Meaningful peer feedback that benefits everyone.

Become a Certified MARIO Educator.

Successfully complete MARIO 101 + 102 and obtain official recognition as a MARIO Educator.

Take learning to the next level


Improved Learner Outcomes


Early Adapter Status


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Official Certificate


Access to Advanced Courses


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