MARIO Educators

Created by educators and for educators, the MARIO Framework gives you the tools and training to build a personalized learning program that is designed specifically for you and your learners.

Sign up for MARIO 101

Join an intimate cohort of no more than twenty-five special educators that are dedicated to improving student outcomes through personalized learning experiences. While you gain a better understanding of how the MARIO Framework works, you’ll develop practical tools and approaches that prepare you to pilot the framework in your own classroom.

Establish your baseline

Before you actually start your MARIO 101 course, you’ll see significant benefits from collecting diagnostic data from your students. We make this easy for you by providing optional tools that align with measurements you’ll take during and after the MARIO 101 course.

Start piloting the MARIO Framework

After you complete your MARIO 101 course, you’ll have everything necessary to start piloting the MARIO Framework in your classroom. You might want to wait to pilot your program until after you have a deeper understanding of the core pedagogical approaches delivered in MARIO 102, but the choice is yours. No matter when you start piloting, you’re going to want to measure your impact and we can help.

Sign up for MARIO 102

This course is designed to fine-tuning key pedagogical approaches and skills utilized in the MARIO Framework. There is plenty of personalization in MARIO 102 and you’ll be able to focus on what matter most to you. Like MARIO 101, you don’t have to be piloting the MARIO Framework to take this course.

Become an official MARIO Educator

After successfully completing MARIO 101 & 102 with a practitioner level of performance or better, you will be recognized as a MARIO Educator. To properly showcase your expertise, you will receive a digital badge and certification. The first 250 MARIO Educators will also gain status as officially recognized Early Adopters.

Complete advanced courses

MARIO 101 & MARIO 102 are coming soon. Learning in these courses will be centered around evaluating and improving the current implementation of the MARIO Framework in your classroom. In addition to piloting the MARIO Framework in your classroom, pre-requisites include successful completion of MARIO 101 & 102.

Become a course instructor

Our current course instructors are among the most knowledgeable and experienced MARIO Framework Educators around. As we grow, we will maintain our high standards of excellence by inviting only the top Early Adopters and advanced practitioners to join our team of expert instructors. 

Become an Official MARIO Educator.

Successfully complete MARIO 101 + 102 and obtain official recognition as a MARIO Educator.

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